Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Premiership North Power Rankings

1. East Kilbride Pirates (3-0)
An away trip to sunny Blackburn for the Pirates this weekend as they look to extend their advantage at the top of the Premiership North

2. Tamworth Phoenix (5-0)
A hollow walkover win for Tamworth denied them their chance of going top of our rankings. They'll regroup until the end of the month, when they play Doncaster in a game that is likely to decide who takes the second seed.

3. Doncaster Mustangs (4-1)
Doncaster are 5-1 this weekend after West Coast forfeit their second game in a row. The Tamworth game on 30th June looms large for the Mustangs
4. Sheffield Predators (2-0)
Yet another bye week for Sheffield, who next play against Nottingham a week on Sunday.

5. Lancashire Wolverines (2-1)
A strong performance to mark the Wolverines 25th anniversary as Coventry were tossed aside. EKP followed by Nottingham in two weeks should see them go 3-2.

6. Yorkshire Rams (2-3)
The Rams finally got some offence going down in the West Midlands, putting up 26 points on Birmingham to leapfrog the Bulls in the rankings. If they can do that consistently, their strong defence will really come to the fore.

7. Birmingham Bulls (1-3)
This season isn't going quite to plan for the Bulls, who came into the season off the back of a major rebuilding job. There's a gap appearing between the top six and the rest.

8. Coventry Jets (1-4)
Another low scorer for the Jets, who has struggled since their early success against Nottingham. This young team are learning the hard way...

9. West Coast Trojans (0-3)
Should a forfeit send them to the bottom of our rankings? Perhaps, but it's always gutting for all concerned when a team has to drop out of a game.

10. Nottingham Caesars (0-4)
Yorkshire on Sunday gives Nottingham a chance of at least scoring - something which they haven't done much of this season. 

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