Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Premiership South Power Rankings

1. London Blitz (3-0)
The Blitz cut through the Cardinals like a hot knife through butter, we expected nothing less to be honest.
2. London Warriors (6-0)
The Warriors didn't quite fulfill the 60+ prediction, but it was close. The Warriors offence had a bit of a torrid time as three punt returns for touchdowns and a defensive score pumped the score up.
3. London Olympians (2-1)
We put faith in the Olympians to perform down the stretch keeping them as the #3 seed in the rankings since the beginning of the season, however any more lackluster performances against low ranked teams and they could see themselves over taken by the Aztecs. We thought they would dominate slightly more against Berkshire, however this does open up an interesting match up against the Cats.
4. Bristol Aztecs (3-2)
No action for Bristol this week, but they could be moving on up if the O’s don’t improve their performances against the lower ranked teams. The Aztecs new QB looks like he’s settling into the rhythm of the new team after a great performance against Sussex previously, could be the difference maker in their potential playoff seeding.
5. Cambridgeshire Cats (2-2)
We got sight of the Blitz vs Cats highlights from their game two weeks ago, and the Blitz seemed to breeze through on offence with ease. However, the Cats #1, Octavius Ellis, had a game, scoring in the 2nd quarter against Blitz defensive starters, and again in the fourth, with Jordan McCarther linking up with Michael Holt for the third score. Showing offensive production against the bigger teams is a good sign that they can put scores up on the likes of the Aztecs and O’s, the question remains, can their defense keep the scores low enough to earn a playoff spot in their first year!
6. East Kent Mavericks (2-1)
The last of the three teams that didn't play this week, so not much more was learnt about them. We hope their starting QB is healthy for their next match up against the Saxons this weekend.
7. Sussex Thunder (3-1)
Sussex only narrowly won against the Saxons in what seemed like a very close game (with scores late in the second half). We had them to win by two scores and the game was decided by less than a score in the end. The bottom of this division seems to be a closely contested affair with some very close games so far. This weekend they face the Cats who have been looking to be the cream of the lower division crop thus far, a tough challenge.
8. Peterborough Saxons (1-3)
The Saxons have shown that the gap between division 2 and division 1 might not have been as wide as we had been led to believe. Yes, we messed up saying they were champions, but we wonder what might of happened if Sheffield had taken on Sussex this past weekend. The Saxons can go on further to prove their potential by overturning the Mavericks this weekend!
9. Berkshire Renegades (0-4)
After a 71 defeat it was hard to see anything but another big loss against the Olympians, but it seems Berkshire didn't roll over and took it to the O’s, even leading at one point in the game 7-6. The O’s continued their tradition of scoring late with a TD within the last 30 seconds of the game also to stretch the score a little more. Unfortunately for the Renegades the scheduling hasn’t been kind, and their next game completes the London triple, with the Blitz hosting them.
10. South Wales Warriors (0-4)
There could be an argument for putting the South Wales Warriors ahead of Berkshire due to the difference in their points conceded against the Warriors. They are close to moving up, but need to have a good outing against Cambridgeshire to prove their worth.
11. Ipswich Cardinals (0-4)
The Cardinals had a weekend to forget. This weekend they might also want to forget heading to Boston Manor to face the Warriors. Growing roots at #11.

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