Wednesday, 8 May 2013

All DC Team: The Wide Receivers

Wide receiver can be an interesting position to try and grade at the University level. There aren't that many tights ends, so usually these get lumped in with the wide outs and then there are wide outs that make the cut that are more like running backs in the jet sweep offence.

We've tried to mix it up a little with what we think represents some of the best talent at Wide receiver in the country at the pass catching positions:

First Team All DC

Tom Singleton-Wells - Derby Braves

An unfortunate ending to the season for this product of the Redditch Arrows youth team (blast from the past there) after a drubbing from Birmingham, but the leading receiver for Derby snagged an impressive 12 touchdowns from the arm of 2nd team QB Joe Brammer and also ran in three more on the ground as a running back for good measure. The Big North West will be glad he graduated!

Stefan Rowden - Birmingham Lions

Yet another player from the national champions (well, they are national champions for a reason).One of the many of Tristan Varneys targets the dynamic slot receiver racked up an impressive 18 catches for 296 yards at a 16.44 yards per catch average and 10 touchdowns.

Nich Bagnall - Hertfordshire Hurricanes

#11 Nich Bagnall with fellow receiver Dom Husbands
Although Dom Husbands stole a lot of the positive headlines from the national championship game, word on the grape vine is that his opposite number, Nich Bagnall, had the better season. Alright, it's like deciding between an Aston Martin or a Ferrari, but in this case this Aston edges it, just. We wish Nich a rapid recovery after his injury in the finals.

Grant Isdale - Stirling Clansmen

Often seen with a trail of would be tacklers left in his wake, Isdale is one of those "Jet Sweep Receivers" with more touchdowns on the ground than through the air. Cause Birmingham no end of trouble in their quarter final match up and wracked up an impressive 938 all purpose yards for 13 touchdowns.

Second Team All DC 

Will Hussey - Birmingham Lions
Rob Cartwright - NTU Renegades
Dom Husbands Hertfordshire Hurricanes
Henry Everett - Southampton Stags

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