Wednesday, 8 May 2013

All DC Team: The Running Backs

A position of contention last year, with the absence of Adam Hope from the top table. This year with the lack of nominations we have been able to be a little more flexible with the awarding of first and second team nominations, but have tried to stick to production as a general yard stick.

Some very good running backs miss out for a variety of reasons, be it injury (in the case of Orion Modebe, who rushed for 400+ yards and 7 TDs in 3 games) or playing in a committee (for instance Deji Ali at Bath or Prosper Agu at Herts). All are very good backs and would have a place on this list if it was not for running backs such as...

First Team All DC

Dan Conroy - Birmingham Lions

c/o Biff Crabbe
Probably the easiest nomination to give. The National Championship and league MVP's performances have been stellar to say the least. Consider these stats 86 carries for 973 yards at an 11.31 yard average and 9 touchdowns even while being benched for entire halves of games. Conroy is a certified beast.

Danny Wallace - BNU Buccaneers

WAIT! They PASS!?!?!?!? c/o Andy Coleman
No doubt the Double Wing naysayers will pipe up, but Wallace is more than deserving of a nomination. His play on the offensive side of the ball as one of the lead ball carries for BNU's explosive offence led to a stat line of 120 attempts for 1259 yards and 17 TDs and eight straight 100 yard games!

Steven Szoidberg - Bradford Bears

Looking for a running back? Why not Szoidberg? As always there is a little bit of a left field selection to round out our first team. Playing in a generally considered "weaker" division you have to have a monster stat line to get first team honors and this gangbusting Bear rocks it with 230 Attempts, 1625 Yards for an average of 7.06 yards per carry and 15TD. Beast mode.

As an extra note, all three first team running backs played defence at some point during the season as well.

Second Team All DC

Zake Muluzi - Stirling
Ben Johnson - Herts
Bobby Nightingale - Bath


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