Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Premiership South Power Rankings

1. London Blitz (1-0)
Not wanting to be outdone, the Blitz dominated the Bristol Aztecs who have had a torrid couple of weeks.Questions might have been raised about the Blitz’ offensive production in their two legs with the Towers, but they have blown off those cobwebs and shown that they can outscore the Warriors. The Blitz now take near a month off before being in action again against the Cats 02/06.

2. London Warriors (3-0)
There was in all likelihood a time during the match with Cambridge when the Cats felt like they could play with the big boys. Seems like the Warriors decided to put an end to this with a scoring flurry in the second half, seemingly scoring with almost every offensive down. The Warriors have had 3 games on the trot to start their season off and will be somewhat thankful for the two weeks hiatus before preparing to face the Peterborough Saxons, it must be said the scheduling for some teams does seem borderline ridiculous.
3. London Olympians (0-1)
The best losing record team in the country doesn’t see a slide this week as no other teams have shown they deserve to be considered for this spot. When 35-0 is a respectable score against a team, you want to start looking at why there are teams that are so far ahead of the rest. The O’s are the team catching up though, instead of many who are seemingly falling behind.

4. Bristol Aztecs (1-2)

With all the talk of retiring veterans from the Blitz squad, coupled with all of the talk of an improved Aztecs side, perhaps Bristol felt like they could finally bring the Blitz close again like memories of years past. Those dreams were shattered this past weekend with a 59-0 drubbing. Questions must start being asked about what exactly Bristol are doing wrong surrounded by so many potential talent pools.
5. East Kent Mavericks (1-0)
This is where our power rankings become somewhat blurry, many of the following teams could be considered equal at the current moment based on head to heads. East Kent have taken the #5 spot after only one game (admittedly against a low seed team) mostly based on other teams performances. They showed us this past week they have the ability to score on offence, but have a leaky defence. A more accurate measure of whether this team deserves the #5 spot will come in two weeks against Berkshire.
6. Cambridgeshire Cats (1-1)
Cambridge have been saved from sliding purely on the merits of their performance against Ipswich and the comparative performance of Sussex. It’s hard not to slide a team that loses 58-7, because boy that is a beating. They will be somewhat happy to score on the Warriors (a long pass TD through the middle), but their defence probably needs a stern talking to. 
7. Sussex Thunder (1-0)
Perhaps the bridge between the top of division 1 and the bottom of the premiership is not as wide as previous results might suggest. Cambridge beating Sussex 49-0 suggested that Ipswich were going to whimper away in the division, but they gave Sussex a match. Again more questions are raised about the strengths of each team, have Cambridge improved or Sussex taken a step back. Sussex slide this week back into the bottom table, and we are still waiting which proverbial cream will rise to the top of this pile.

8. Berkshire Renegades (0-0)

The last of our teams yet to play, therefore not much to say.
9. Peterborough Saxons (1-0)
Peterborough have proven as a division 2 team they can beat division 1 quality teams, but will have to build up to the premiership quality teams, with a road through Cambridge. The next couple of weeks will define the Saxons season.
10. South Wales Warriors (0-2)
A better offensive performance, but somewhat lacking on not giving up points. Travelling away to Sussex is the next game for the SWW, with previous results, a very winnable game. They will need to get their heads in the right place for the Warrior bowl on the 9th of June as well. Again, like other teams, the next month will define the SWWs season.
11. Ipswich Cardinals (0-3)
With a stronger showing against the Thunder, you wonder whether the Cardinals are truly deserving of the lowest seed in our power ranking. Unfortunately at 0-3, you can’t justify moving them up in any way. There is light though, some very winnable games still to come for the Cardinals to avoid the premiership south wooden spoon.


  1. Thank you DC...
    Even trash talking in the 4th quarter, bless.

  2. Bristol's talent pools take time to mature!


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