Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Premiership North Power Rankings

1. East Kilbride Pirates (1-0)
Emphatic. A 38-0 road win against Coventry showed the rest of the division just what they've got to look forward to in 2013, can Tamworth or Doncaster stop a Pirates cakewalk?

2. Tamworth Phoenix (2-0)
Another shut-out win for Tamworth, who by their own admission weren't firing on all cylinders despite a 28-0 win over Yorkshire. Zero points conceded after two games looks handsome regardless of the opposition.

3. Doncaster Mustangs (3-0)
No game this weekend for Doncaster, who play Birmingham on Sunday looking to win and stay in the race for the division's top spot.

4. Birmingham Bulls (1-0)
Dem Bulls move up one spot despite not playing a game this weekend - nice work if you can get it. Donny on Sunday for them.

5. Yorkshire Rams (0-2)
Yorkshire can comfort themselves that they conceded less than Lancashire in their match with Tamworth, but a second straight low-scoring loss sees them drop down the table and the Power Rankings like a stone.

6. Coventry Jets (1-1)
A heavy defeat against East Kilbride, but some good things to take away from the weekend for Coventry, namely the fact that they created turnovers against the Northern Premier League's best(?) offence. They play Yorkshire on Sunday.

7. Sheffield Predators (1-0)
Yes Sheffield! I told you not to count them out against West Coast, and they did me proud with a high scoring and entertaining win. This team have ballers on both sides of the ball, whether they have strength in depth is yet to be seen.

8. West Coast Trojans (0-2)
That season of consolidation is looking more and more likely after a second defeat of the season, this time to the aforementioned Predators. A big Old Scottish Derby awaits this weekend, so it doesn't look like getting any easier in a hurry

9. Lancashire Wolverines (0-1)
Still a couple of weeks for the Wolverines to stew over their opening day loss to Tamworth - they take on Birmingham on May 26th.

10. Nottingham Caesars (0-3)
Crazy scheduling for the Caesars means that they don't play at all in May, so expect them to take root at the foot of the table.

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